Wireless video transmission

downlink tv delivers full service of wireless video transmission systems.

By means of various transmission systems, all using state of the art COFDM technology in SD and HDTV, wireless live video is realised and supplied i.e. for referees and the spectators at skydiving competitions.

As we broadcast live video from a cameraman in free fall 12.000 feet over ground, it is obvious to do so from less critical positions than skydivers. A technology which works under such critical conditions does its job also well in less critical environments.

Our know how and more than 20 year long experience enables us to provide live video from every kind of moving objects such as air planes, cars, ships, high and low altitude ballons, bicycles, motorcycles and naturally from steadycams.

Apart from live video transmissions our comprehensive service contains also video walls and beamers for the audience, live slow motions systems, producing, editing and broadcasting of any kind of sports competition.

Our interdisciplinary know how at outside broadcasting and parachuting makes downlink.tv the right partner for tv stations, sponsors, organisations and clubs.

Roberto Pintore
Liselotte-Herrmann-Str. 30
D - 10407 Berlin

Tel:  +49 30 42 88 82 8
Fax: +49 30 42 08 15 01


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